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Innovative Allergy Treatment Plan

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Building Immunity
One Day At a Time

To begin, your treatment will have small doses of allergens that increase as your immune system becomes stronger. This builds a tolerance to the allergens that bother you.

Allergy Drops vs.
Allergy Shots

Painful and time consuming, allergy shots only have a 35% success rate. Allergy drops have a 75% completion rate! Additionally, drops are painless and you administer them at home on your schedule.

Four Drops A Day
Keeps Allergies Away

After a test for your specific allergens, your individualized  formula begins. Every morning, you’ll place the drops under your tongue and that’s it! No shots, no doctor visits, no hassle! 


"I just wanted to thank you for your help with my animal allergies. In approximately a year and a half, I was able to get through my spring allergies with no problems whatsoever. I’ve tried allergy shots in the past and always found it to be a hassle to get into the office every week. I can’t thank Dr. Goldfarb enough!"

Bedford, OH

"My son was allergic to pollen. This was my son’s first spring using the allergy drops and the change in him was miraculous! He had no symptoms at all and it was the first year that he didn’t miss a single game of baseball because of swollen and irritated eyes. It was a great season all around. Thank you!"

Pepper Pike, OH

"I’ve been looking to get rid of my allergy symptoms for years. I suffered terribly from cat and grass and could never find the time to consistently go in for my weekly allergy shots. I started Dr. Goldfarb’s allergy drop treatment plan in 2014 and have been allergy free ever since! I’m so impressed with how simple the whole process was!"

Solon, OH

"The drops have been so effective. In less than a year, my daughter has had very few seasonal allergy symptoms this spring. It really is amazing how these have improved her allergies. This has been her best spring ever!"

Mayfield Heights

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